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"Lover's eye" or "Portraits of only one eye"

Although the center is an eye, often represented with eyebrows and eyelashes, a lock of hair, sideburns suggestion or bridge of the nose pointing to the identity of the owner but never revealed.

The story goes that these images became fashionable when the future King George IV of England fell in love with a married Catholic woman, which did not make the things easy thing, besides needing the consent of the king to marry that obviously not obtain, lose the right to the succession. Nevertheless they married and although the marriage was declared invalid, continued their idyll.
It is in this context that the then still prince, sent him a picture of his eye, painted by the miniaturist Richard Cosway. She, meanwhile, charged the same painter another lover's eye for him.

Vintage French porcelain plate from Limoges with gold edges intervened as Lover's Eye.

Boxmark: "Limoges Unique France"

Year: 1929 - 1963

Size: 13cm Ø

All the plates have a rear hook to hang directly on the wall without other support.

Created for decorative use.

Wipe clean, do not immerse in water.